Dr. Juli Mazi ND

Dr. Juli Mazi ND

About Dr. Juli Mazi ND

Dr. Juli Mazi ND is a highly accomplished medical doctor and communication expert. She has undergraduate and graduates degrees from Portland State University, and she began medical school after that. Her work in communication studies is highly respected; her Master's thesis created a nonviolent communication course still taught at Portland State University today.

She is an excellent doctor passionate about healing people quickly. After graduating from medical school, she established her private practice in three months - unheard of in the medical industry. She has an excellent bedside manner and the expertise, training, and commitment necessary to help patients heal rapidly. These qualities have continuously led to patient recommendations, facilitated rapid practice expansion, and contributed to her career success.

Dr. Mazi is a highly sought-after naturopathic physician and the founder of Thrive Natural Medicine. A graduate of the National University of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Mazi has more than 15 years of experience helping people achieve optimal health.

Juli Mazi's dream of owning a sizable holistic health facility with numerous doctors and other holistic healers was realized with Thrive Natural Medicine. In addition to her clinic work, she regularly speaks on natural health topics and offers online programs to help people take control of their health.

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